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​SharePoint Resource and Room Manager from AspiraCloud​ is the one solution you need for managing rooms and resources.

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Download a fully featured trial version of SharePoint Resource and Room Manager from here

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You will need a free 14 day license key to try the product, just email and request a key.

What’s new in version 3.5?

  • Speed and performance improvements
  • Approval routines to authorise resource bookings
  • New Views to increase user adoption
  • An option for a Multiday view to book resource(s) over multiple days
  • A ‘pivot view’ to switch rows and columns on the booking grid
  • Options to book more than one resource at a time
  • Make bookings on behalf of other users
  • Customisable displays and text labels
  • Additional styling enhancements
  • Various minor bug fixes

Download a fully featured trial version of SharePoint Resource and Room Manager from here.

Save time and make things easier.

Using this solution within SharePoint you can easily manage the booking of IT rooms, meeting spaces, laptops, digital cameras, minibuses or even sets of textbooks.

Enable end users to simply and instantly book resources removing the need to keep spread sheets, separate databases or pieces of paper on a noticeboard.


Easy to setup

Easily setup recurring bookings allowing timetabled or regularly used resources to be made available to others when not normally in use.

Group similar resources allowing for a large number of resources to be accessed from one place using a clean easy to navigate interface.

Easily allow multiple resources to be booked; need to borrow 2 digital cameras from a set of 10? Not a problem with Resource and Room Manager.


Even easier to use

Just click the resource you want!


See it in action

SharePoint Resource and Room Manager Downloads

Installation Guide

User Guide

SharePoint Resource and Room Manager FAQ

  1. What version of SharePoint does Resource and Room Manager need?
    • Resource and Room Manager works on SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise and also SharePoint 2013 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise.
  2. Can I have more than one Resource and Room Manager instance on my sites?
    • Yes you can there is no limit to the number of instances of Resource and Room Manager on your sites.
  3. Can users delete their own bookings?
    • If an end user creates a booking and then realises they do not need it they can delete their own booking. However this can be changed to meet the requirements of the organisation.
  4. Does Resource and Room Manager work on Office 365?
    • It is certainly on our development road map for the product, but at the moment it only works as an on-premises SharePoint solution.
  5. How can I pay for Resource and Room Manager?
    • We accept payment by Purchase Order, Cheque, Bank Transfer and PayPal.
  6. Is Resource and Room Manager sold at an annual price?
    • No Resource and Room manager is sold with a perpetual licence not an annual renewal price so you pay once.
  7. Will I be able to interface with Resource and Room Manager from Windows 8?
    • We are working on a Windows 8 app for this product, But the app will require the purchase of the SharePoint solution.
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